CANAAN CHRISTIAN CHURCH - (Disciples of Christ)


Pulpit Aide Committee Meets the need of the Pastor by providing moral & spiritual support to the Pastor and Elect Lady. Provides items & supplies for the Pastor to accommodate his office & the pulpit. Spearheads the church in celebrating the pastor's anniversary, birthday, and other special occasions. Responsible for planning and coordinating all arrangements associated with guest preachers.
Disciples Men Meets the spiritual needs of the men in the church so that they mature in their faith.  Men’s Conference, Men’s social night, Men's health ministry, Mentoring program for boys, Develops and coordinate programs for men of the church, such as: career transition, job search, single dads, and addictive behavior.
Disciples Women Meets the spiritual needs of the women in the church so that they mature in their faith.  Bible Studies, Women’s Conference, Mentoring and Discipleship programs, Retreats, Social night,  Women’s health ministry, Mentoring program for girls.
Youth Ministry Meets the spiritual needs of the youth in the church so that they mature in their faith.  Youth and children bible study, Children's social events, Children’s Church, Youth Choir.
Seniors Ministry Enhances all areas of life, related especially to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of seniors. Provides participation in Seniors Day out, Seniors night out, Seniors weekend trips, Senior medical assistance, Safety Classes.
Bridge the Gap for Women Unites the older and younger women of the church and community, Instructs women how to govern themselves in a ladylike manner,  Executes service projects for nursing home patients. Performs light housekeeping and yard cleaning.
Bridge the Gap for Men Unites the older and younger men of the church and community, Instructs men how to govern themselves so that they may become better  men, husbands and fathers.  Making them aware that chivalry should be used when  communicating with women and girls.
Usher Ministry Attends and guards the doors at all times during services, Be one of the first persons of church authority one meets as he/she enters the church, Distributes the weekly bulletins and pass the collection baskets, Serves as greeters, spiritual “Guardians of the Gates”, assistants, messengers, information sources, crisis and emergency handlers.

Choir Ministry Sanctuary Choir, Male Choir and Mass Choir & J.B. Ensemble shares the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, Leads the congregation in worship,  Provides an avenue through which individuals may share their gift and be an integral part of the worship.  Makes themselves available to travel with the Pastor when he accepts a preaching engagement.

Benevolence Committee Develops, recommends and oversees policies and procedures which establish the type, amount, and frequency of assistance to individuals or families who request assistance, Locate church members and community persons who can provide appropriate assistance, surveys and determine available community agencies and their resources.

Prayer Band Strengthens the bond of the Church and the community through the indisputable power of prayer and shares the goodness of God and His grace and mercy through individual and group prayer, praise, worship and testimony.

Administrative/Financial Secretary Prepares records for this church in as accurate, thorough, up-to-date, useable, and prompt a way as possible, Preserves the records of this church, Provides service and assistance to this church and others, Keeps the minutes, have responsibility for rosters, records, and reporting of statistics/Assist family during bereavement,  Keep records of contributions of each member.
Christian Education  Establishes a church learning environment that stimulates and enhances knowledge of, interpretation of, and the living and doing of the Word...thus promoting Christian growth, development, and service. 

Musicians Proficient with their chosen instrument, Hears tune by ear or play by note, Have sense of beat or time of a song, Provides music when a church program is scheduled.  Travels with the Pastor when he accepts a preaching engagement.

Kitchen Committee Maintains a well-equipped kitchen for all to use and enjoy, Promotes the desire in each user to take pride in a clean and neat area, Meets periodically to clean as needed such areas as the refrigerators and drawers, and to determine equipment needs.

Custodian Ministry Cleans and provide a neat and orderly building, Assist the church in its many ministries.

Transportation Ministry We know that getting to church can be difficult for many of our members. Our Transportation Ministry provides free rides to Church on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings. Our van is also busy transporting our youth to trips and activities. They shuttle small groups on outings and adventures and to other church functions.

Website Ministry  Responsible for the development, maintenance and improvements to the church website.  This includes updating the website on a regular basis to ensure the most current church information is available to the members, community, and general public.

Photography Ministry  Visually enhances the church's website and provides a lifetime of worship memories to the Pastor, church, website team and all other ministries through the taking of photographs.